Hello, great job here un Makerpad, it is very helpful.Β 
I have a wine app in the app store and play store, I want to reprogram it in Adalo to have control, improve it and incorporate new functions. I'm starting small, but I already have a problem with something.Β 
I have the local Adalo user database. And I was able to connect my external product database (wines) from Airtable.Β 
I've seen the tutorial on Makerpad how to set favorites in Adalo, and the "local" user database should create a "relationship" with the products (wines) database, in order to create the "favorites" property.Β 
BUT it turns out that the user base does not show the relationship with the external base of Airtable.
Adalo has a tutorial with an internal base, with a copy of the external base.
but I really don't get it. I also do not understand why they say that connecting with external bases is so easy, and it is so difficult to create something like favorites.
somebody could help me?

Yep, I feel your pain. You can't create relationships between internal and external databases / tables at the moment so you have to work around it. Not sure it will help but maybe have a look at my video on how I made use of both internal and external (in Airtable) databases by keeping the data in sync between the two:

Watch Video (10:21)Β 
Hi Genn, yes I saw your video, I found it very useful.
The column "publish to app" seemed like a great idea and would be very useful for a special section of my app, but it doesn't explain well how to configure it, does it?
But I still don't understand how I should configure the external and local base.
If I have to make a copy of the external one and it works as a local one, what happens with that local copy that I made if I then continue adding products in the external base. I saw you have an agency right? I am making a lot of progress in the layout of my app, but possibly i needed help to finish configuring the bases. the final pouch. Could you help me?
The only problem I see is that you are in London right? in relation to the prices that can be paid here in Argentina at the end of the world, it is very expensive !!! But you can help me in any way? Thanks a lot!
Nacho Hey there. I'm glad the video was useful to a point - sorry it couldn't help you more! You are correct, it was a quick showcase video as opposed to a full explainer of the ins-and-outs of internal versus external databases and "mirroring".Β 

Like others here, I'm happy to help if I can as we are a community all helping each but yes, you are correct, we are also an agency so we have to balance (free) help with commercial considerations. DM me and let's see if I can help without talking about money... at least at this stage.

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