Not a lot here yet. Let me give it a try:

Can Adalo apps scale to volume? It works fine with few records, using their internal DB. Given their DB performance limitations, we'd need to connect an external DB, like Airtable. Looks like Adalo has some integration option, but again with volume limits in the API.Β 

Is Adalo just meant for small apps or temporary demo/MVP purposes? Or is there a way to scale with them?Β 

We noticed they don't provide real support (yet) on the paid Pro plan.
Hi! Just recently responded to your other question β€” and I hope that helps :) but also wanted to respond here too! Adalo is definitely meant for all types of apps, while some people use Adalo for an MVP, there are plenty of others that have been able to publish and scale nicely!Β 

As for support, I hope you've tried reaching out to the team β€” especially if you're on the pro plan!Β 
What's difficult to estimate is that with the pro plan, we can build as many apps as we want (it's fantastic), but we're limited to 5gb storage, and I don't know where I can check the storage usage for each app.

Regarding my business idea, I will build a lot of apps (when I say a lot, it could be thousands in the next 24 months), so I guess I will be out of storage quickly, even if I subscribe to the business plan later (20gb).

Is there any planΒ  Katelyn Campbell to buy additional storage to cover all of our needs?
Hi Christophe,

We will let you know if you run up against data limits & offer options from there :)Β 

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