Would Adalo be the right choice if I wanted to have an app that can download and open PDF files from another system (e.g. Google Drive, etc) that has a REST API?
HeyΒ  Matt I was actually super curious about this and I think I made it work! Here's a sample of this:Β https://previewer.adalo.com/091d1191-33e9-431d-b3fe-85b1f6ad8e71

there are two buttons. one to download and one to view it in the app. Feel free to make and account and try it out. happy to explain if you think this is what you need!
David - This is extremely helpful. I will be signing up and giving this a try. Any tips or tricks that an Adalo newbie should be aware of?
Wow - I am just amazed. I am super curious! I'll be working on it this weekend.
David - I just tried it on my Android Samsung phone and after clicking on one of the PDFs to view, I only see the option to "open". On the web simulator (https://previewer.adalo.com/091d1191-33e9-431d-b3fe-85b1f6ad8e71), it actually shows me the PDF inline.


On Android devices right now, displaying PDFs does not work β€” they can only be downloaded! There might be some way in the database to set some visibility rules so you can display an image for those people on android devices or something?Β 

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