Hi Adalo users + possible team members! I'm soon to launch our first Adalo built app to the wild for a client but more recently, I have observed slowness with the app in the front-end mostly.

For example, a Toggle Switch can take several seconds to change its state (empty heart icon to filled icon, for example) or an "Added to Cart" counter doesn't update fast enough to show that the selected product has just been added to the cart so the user is likely to try again and add too many units to the cart.

What experiences have people had with performance on their Adalo apps please? Is this a recent thing or ongoing? Is there a fix in sight? Etc.

I'm currently rebuilding the app in Glide as a back-up plan but Glide is not as flexible (IMO) as Adalo especially around the cart and checkout and payment options in Stripe.

Cheers all.Β 
Hey Glenn McWhinney !

Thanks for the feedback, this actually validates a huge project we’re working on right now. At the moment there are two large development projects in process: Component Marketplace & App Performance.Β 

Speaking about the latter β€” with the recent spike in Adalo apps there has been a little bit of slowness around some of the loading & actions (side note: toggles in particular are not great; you might want to switch that toggle to two buttons with conditional visibility for the two states) but we’re working to make our apps exceed professional loading standards.Β 

Having done a performance project at a previous tech company there are 2 overall aspects to make the user experience better in terms of performance. There's the true load times (technically how long it takes to get the data back) and then there's the user experience of the load time (what the user perceives of the loading time). In my experience you have to focus on both of these and actually sometimes it's the second category that actually makes a bigger difference. So throughout the next few months we will be continuously making a ton of changes that increase the loading times as well as make it appear faster (adding skeleton loading states, spinners on buttons, smoother transitions, etc).

Personally, I’m sorry that you're experiencing some loading issues at the moment. It’s one of our biggest focuses right now. No-code shouldn't just be faster to build; it should be faster to load too β€” and we're striving to achieve that. Thank you so much for building on Adalo and I hope we can exceed your expectations here.

HiΒ  David Adkin !

Thanks for such a swift and comprehensive reply: it is great to know that you are working hard on this area of the platform.

Since you have already nailed the ease-of-use side of things, and your well-chosen new features are adding to the flexibility of the platform (which is already pretty flexible), once you have performance cracked I am sure Adalo will continue to become one of the biggest go-to platforms in the NoCode marketplace.

For now, I may have to circle back in a few months if I can't get this app optimised enough but thanks for the tip re: the Toggle 'vs' 2-buttons - I'll try that one.

All the best David and again, thanks for pitching in as I know you must be busy.


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