gday team, having an issue here which is causing havoc between airtable and zapier.

so i'm trying to use zapier to search for a record and use look up fields to compete the table.

but in my input form from airtable the phone numbers come out like this:

and when they come back from ClickSend they look like this:

so i can use 'numbers' in zapier to format the phone number

but then it comes out like this:

note the bracket is different - (0401) compared to (040) which is the default formatting in airtable for phone numbers.

so this means that search won't match these records even though they are the same


anyone know how I can solve?Β  i need to format one of them, but can't figure out how to do it....

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Hey Zach [zachary king],

Not using ClickSend (yet), but I ran into the same problem as you when wanting the formatting to be consistent with Australian numbers! Very frustrating but then just did this:
  1. Create a "phone country code" plain text column
  2. Create a "phone number" plain text column
  3. Create a formula column for the 'master phone number' and use the concatenate formula to stitch it together. (below)
  4. Pass either step 3's column through Zapier as in put Or the screenshot below, both should end up (+61)0422333444
  5. Depending on the syntax required for ClickSend, you can get rid of the brackets in your formula/Zap and/or remove the '0' with the 'Left' formula (below)

Airtable formula to copy-paste to stitch country code and regular phone number together:Β 
CONCATENATE('(',{Phone Country Code},')',{Customer Phone Number})

Doing it in Zapier instead

Using 'Left' to get rid of the '0'

Hope this helps mate,

you legend!Β  thanks mate, will try it out now
mate ended up adapting your process, put in a second column and then used the Zapier number formatter I had used previously.... seems redundant, but it works!
Frazer McLeod spoke too soon.  😭😭

had it working on the test base, now not working on the operational base.

currently waiting on zapier support to wake up.....Β 
im using twilio and airtable

airtable has a form that you can integrate into your website

another option is zapping info into airtable -- trying this today using a chat bot

yeah I am using the airtable form but the default phone number format is US, which means that when I pull the australian number from the replies in ClickSend via a zap they don't match.

honestly getting the formatting to match on phone numbers has been the single hardest thing to do! Β 

mate keen to hear more about your chat bot tho?Β  howzit work??

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