i am *this* close to becoming fully operational from a platform point of view for mobius.xyz

i just need to figure out how to automate the manual process of populating look up fields in airtable.

I know I can search and update a record using zapier, but can i use a zap to run lookup fields?

or can the new automate feature do that for me?Β  i saw they have sync feature, but not sure if that can be used.

any thoughts??Β  I am so close!
Can you record a video walking us through the challenge?
I can now record a video walking through the solution!!

I figured out (now don't judge, I'm only a beginner) that if I updated the linked field using a zap, then the lookup fields would automatically populate.Β  doh!

zachary kingΒ Yes. It sounded too simple to be this complicated and therefore, wanted to make sure we understood the problem.
Amit SardaΒ mate if you ever have any issues with making simple things more complicated, hit me up - that's my jam!! πŸ˜‰
zachary kingΒ Haha! We all do, especially when we are operating on high caffeine and low sleep. Always a good idea to 'sleep over it'. Glad it's sorted. :)
Have you checked out mini extensions..as I recall they have a few addons that might help if you have further issuesΒ https://miniextensions.com/
thanks mate, it turns out that all i needed to do was add the linked field (phone number in this case) and the lookup did the rest....


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