Hi, we are gearing up for a relaunch of our product and we are wondering how we could get a circle membership. We are on a waitlist as far as I can remember. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

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Hi Tanays, Circle are going live (out of Beta) in the next couple of weeks, my recommendation would be to head over to their site and sign-up on their landing page so you get a notification when that happens! Cant wait to see what you build for your community!! 
Do you have any idea of the pricing ?
They offer three levels for different size communities -
Basic - $39 per month that allows up to 1000 active users & 2 admins
Professional - $79 per month up to 10,000 active users & 15 admins
Enterprise - $199 per month up to 100,000 active users & 100 admins

They all offer custom domains & various other cool features. 

Got the Circle.so launch email over the weekend.

Am pretty excited by a non-FB Groups solution (or Slack) and am doing a demo call with them later this week.
Attended the circle demo today. Glad that their IOS version in coming out soon. Also the notifications config for makerpad should be made more active. It is very quiet and sleepy now ..

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