What is Advent Of No-Code?

Advent of No-Code is an Advent calendar of small no-code related mini-challenges for different skill levels that can be solved in a variety of no-code tools. People can use them as a speed challenge, training, practice problems, to challenge each other or try out a new tool.

You don't need to be highly skilled in no-code - just a little knowledge and some ideas will get you pretty far.Β 

  • There are often many ways to do the same challenge - different approaches are good!
  • Difficulty levels vary - they're supposed to πŸ˜ƒ.
  • Each challenge will be released 8am GMT/Midnight PT/3am ET.
  • Submissions should be posted in the channel for that Day.
  • There will be a rolling leaderboard of entries based on the number of likes each submission received.
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