Went searching for this (as I'm sure it's been asked before) but got this error when searching:

Pretty sure circle.so would be great, but reticent to commit / pay when I'm building a community from scratch.

Use case -Β 
  • Building a small community of business owners / marketers that I coach / release gated content to over time

Hey Luke, have you tried bubble? You could definitely build it on there. If that's what you're asking?
My understanding of Bubble it was more of an app-builder, rather than a Community tool.

I don't have the time / inclination to build a bespoke tool for managing communities when there are off-the-shelf solutions (like FB Groups, Slack, Circle.so)Β that do the same thing with lower maintenace.

Just looking for alternatives.
With Bubble you can pretty much do what you want dude. I think the 'app' wording has mistaken a lot of people. Nucode.co was built on Bubble along with plenty of others. I mentioned Bubble as it sounded like you wanted to build it.

KiΒ is looking in to this also - might be worth speaking to :)Β 
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Thanks Steven!!

Thanks for the explainer!

I guess it's a time / reward thing.Β 
Good to know re: it not just being that.

A few extra thoughts off the back of it:
  • Looking for an MVP for my version of the coaching in a gated community concept - if I can validate it with paying customers, I think there's a big case for something more tailored
  • Ideally it needs to sit / easily be hosted in Webflow (what I use). I've had a look around and this write-up from Memberspace advocates for Muut - need to learn more about it though
  • I'm not too worried about shelling out for the right system, but just want a free / low-cost option to validate it first. FB Groups and Slack (and even WhatsApp group chats) are so popular for coaching clients due to the complete lack of friction.
Thanks for the leads on Nucode.co and Ki as well :)

Mighty Networks maybe?

Tribe.so? Podia? Teachable?Β 
Make sure you look for options that have data export. You'll want to be sure that you can export both your members and the content you've created in the platform. A lot of these platforms will lock you in. Pick the easiest one to start with that enables you to move later, if need be.
This here.πŸ‘†
You should be able to export content and member info at any time. Also, ensure that you are able to export data associated with a specific set of users. Finally, the ability to remove a user and delete the member's data (for regulatory compliance).
Awesome. ThanksΒ Max Joles.

I have a referral code from a friend for Podia so that moves up the list. It also looks like the Podia guys are big fans of WebflowΒ so that helps.

Teachable can get lost.
It seems too "lock-into-their-ecosystemy" <-- a technical term.

Thanks for the other leads.
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Hi Luke! I'm totally building something for people like you. Aka us. :) I have clients who are experiencing the same problems! Want to connect today or tomorrow?
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"lock-into-their-ecosystemy" <-- a technical term
^ Haha! I love it. ;)
Thanks Ki! Just dropped you a note with some avails :)

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