Hi everyone!

Previously I've worked on the more spreadsheety side of No-Code and played around a bit with Glide. Now I'm working with creating a web gallery site that allows users to upload a lot of high resolution photos and share them privately. So it seems I'll need:

  • Members (Memberstack? Memberspace? Native?)
  • Photos/videos (???)

The photos and videos part is a bit unclear at the moment. Assuming the use case would be sharing trip photos with family and friends privately. Does anyone has pointers?

Wit S Β - good idea. How do you plan to create the folders that can be shared privately with nocode tools?
Hi there, as stated before it's still very unclear. There seems to be ways to do this with code. And while Bubble and a few others have come out with tutorials for Facebook clone I don't feel it directly translate from what I'm researching. Plus the gigabytes of data needed.

Shared privately I'm thinking of rule based account relationships.

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