Hi there,

I'm looking to allow individual users to update individual Webflow CMS items through a form.

Is there a way to dynamically create a form through Zapier or Integromat?

Ideal workflow (simplified:
  1. User signup
  2. Creates Webflow CMS Item & Airtable Record
  3. Forms is created from template
  4. User receives form
  5. User submits form
  6. Updates Airtable & Webflow CMS

Anyone have any thoughts or work on anything similar?
Sean Pritzkau funnily enough I just posted a walk through of how I solve this, check it out here: 


I used only Webflow & a free Integromat account to get this going.

I don't have the user signup component in that walk through 👆 but you can see how I solve that part of the problem here:


Happy to answer any question 🤓
This is great! Not necessarily what I'm looking for though.

I'm essentially looking for a form to dynamically create a new form.


Form 1: 
  • Name Field
  • Email Address Field
  • Info Field

Form 2 sent to Email Address:
  • Fill out this field to change your info
You can use #Memberstack can help you build "sign in ". 

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