My clients use tables in Coda or Airtable to keep track of their expenses, is there a way to embed these tables into a Webflow user dashboard? Is there any other easy way to do it?

I want my clients to login in to their Webflow dashboard and then add expenses/sales to their table. 

Here is an example of a table.

I just found this Miniextension for editable Airtables. Has anyone used this? 
I tried it. It was not a seamless experience for me. But many others are using it
if you just embed the table and then also include an embedded form, will that work for you?  i'm using that for my client portal.

get your view in airtable, click share then embed form.  then you just drop that code in and the live base view is available.
Could work! Have you tried https://stacker.app/? I was taking a look at it as an alternative. 

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