Hey everyone - I've searched the Webflow forums and came up dry, so figured I'd post here since I know there are a ton of Webflow experts here.

We are in the process of migrating our current Webflow blog CMS collection to a new Webflow site.Β 

I was able to easily export the Collection as a CSV from the current site. However, when importing it into the new site, all of the date fields aren't mapping in. Created On, Published On, etc.

This means all of our blogs are showing up as being published on the same date - since Webflow just assigns the current date to each imported item. Not good.

If anyone here has experience on this and/or has ideas, I'd be grateful! πŸ™
How are the date fields formatted in the export? It looks like you need to convert to ISO format before importing back into Webflow.Β 

If you into trouble, feel free to email me with the CSV attached (hi@maxjoles.com). I can probably quickly re-format the csv in Airtable or Parabola and send back to you
Hey Max - thx for the quick reply. I saw this article and tried this approach. It doesn't seem to work anymore - at least as far as I can tell. Webflow even appends a bunch of text on the CMS export to make formatting these dates in the CSV 100% manual (see screenshot). Frustrating.

I reached out to Webflow Support and they suggested creating custom CMS fields for these dates. Unless I'm missing something, this is a terrible workaround. This will work fine for the existing CMS items, but also means for every new blog post we create we have to manually set all of these dates.

There has to be a better way. I'll email you the CSV export in case you are able to work some magic for me. Thanks for the offer.

Carson Miller You're right, unfortunately. I played around with changing the format to ISO, but it doesn't matter. Webflow won't allow you to touch the created on, updated on, or published date... they're all generated automatically by the CMS.Β 

Sadly, you'll need to create a manual date field called "Manual Publish Date" or similar and map the old data to it. You'd also need to manual add that with each new entry :(Β 

HeyΒ Carson Miller β€” to piggie back on whatΒ Max JolesΒ recommended, you can use Parabola to at least bulk update the manual fields and you can run it on a schedule or just do a manual run. I have a similar workflow for CMS items that when imported do not automatically populate with their appropriate reference fields, considering there can be a dozen or so new CMS items each day the Parabola workflow helps a lot, literally does all the work in about a minute. Let me know if you need help walking though it πŸ‘πŸ½

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