I heard somebody talked about the limit of Zapier before; he said that only 10-20% of all possibility is cover by Zapier, so serious automation requires programming with API.

Can somebody with experience tell me your opinion about this?

It's entirely dependant on what you're trying to do... there isn't a hard % on it.
Impossible to put a number on it but most platforms, particularly Integromat and Zapier give you two ways to drastically increase the coverage without having native modules. To do this you will need some basic to intermediate knowledge of APIs.

For performing actions, both platforms have a way to make API requests to any URL with whatever parameters you chose. That would extend the coverage by a lot as long as the tool you are using has an API.

Triggers are more work but it is doable. The tool you are using has to support webhooks and you'd follow whatever their docs say to set them up so they point to the URL you set up in Zapier or Integromat.

For example, Mailerlite has a "Subscriber created" trigger in Zapier but all of my automation was in Integromat. So I looked up the docs for webhooks, made a single request using Postman that told MailerLite to send "Subscriber created" events to a Webhook listener I setup in Integromat.
Alonso VargasΒ I would start learning how REST APIs work. Download Postman and go through their tutorials. Understand this concept first. Next, I'd recommend starting to learn Python and how Python can call REST APIs that you used in Postman.

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