From Nick Huber (@sweatystartup)
I don't know if Nick is only referring to the US or in general but I wasn't expecting divorce attorneys to be "pandemic-proof" where only soft lockdown was implemented. Somehow, covid-19 is the Holy Grail of the industry.
I help small companies (1 to 15 people) with their finances and operations. So here are my ideas, still not sure where to focus. 

  •  2-minutes finance advice: a weekly newsletter/community where I share a finance tip for small companies in a 2-minute video. 
  • Investment Instruments calculator to help companies compare different financing options, not sure if a convertible debt, SAFE, equity, revenue share, traditional debt works better for a startup? find out in minutes. 
  • Ops automatization agency: don't know any in Mexico (where I'm based)
  •  A community of entrepreneurs learning the best tips & tricks to manage their finances.

What's the most annoying problem your company has regarding finance, accounting, and ops?
Any feedback? 
Hi Hector,

All these are good ideas, I'm running myself a small company (in Romania, different market, but needs might be similar). In my case, some of the useful things that are needed (based on challenges I face):
  • understand P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow
  • manage your cash flow
  • fixed vs. variable costs
  • financing instruments (debt, etc.)
  • optimize profitability
Héctor Reyes replied
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Hi everyone,

I have a lot of ideas that I would like to turn into digital projects and I could use your help to focus on the one that might be the most relevant for entrepreneurs like you who want to build their own digital projects and need technology to help them in their journey.

I'm a digital technology marketer (not a developer) and I'm pretty good with marketing (and cloud) technologies. I run my own cloud infrastructure and I play a lot with open source software. I build my websites (and websites for my clients) with WordPress or Ghost CMS and I build marketing and sales funnels with HubSpot and Salesforce.

I have started several projects, which are still at the idea stage, as I need to prioritize and focus on one of them because I don't have time to do them all in the same time (also running my own little digital agency and client work eats up most of my time).

These ideas are the following:
  1. Digital Entrepreneur ( - a series of online courses (and/or a subscription based blog/newsletter) that teach you how to be a digital entrepreneur, i.e. how to use digital technology for your business
  2. Tech 4 NGO's ( - the same concept as above, but this time dedicated to nonprofits as a lot of my current clients are nonprofits and I understand their technology needs pretty well
  3. Affordable marketing automation for your HubSpot or Salesforce CRM ( - a managed marketing automation platform as a service based on (open source) and AWS cloud infrastructure (basically I manage the platform for you from a technical point of view so you can do your marketing automation projects on it if you need a more affordable solution as compared to HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro or Salesforce Pardot or Marketing Cloud)
  4. Marketing (or business) technology as a service (subscription based managed marketing technologies based on open source tools out there that require hosting, installation, management and support) - CRM, ERP, Email, Marketing Automation, B2B e-commerce, etc.

Which ones of the above do you think would be something you would need and be interested in having access to? How would you build them if you were to do it with no code tools?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Our non-profit would benefit from number 2 would be helpful because a lot of the resources are just long form articles or consultants and not resources that work! Happy jump on a call and flesh that one out if you need more feedback/brainstorm on it. 
Daniel Secareanu replied
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Hi Daniel. You have some great ideas here. 

I'm not sure if you've posted this elsewhere, but if not, I highly suggest you also put together a poll and get feedback from places such as twitter, linked-in and potentially reddit. 

You'll get a better range of feedback, and also have the opportunity to get those who are interested on the winning idea to potentially sign up before its ready. 
Daniel Secareanu replied
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Hey  Daniel Secareanu ,
#3 resonates with me. The CRM space is certainly hot, full of sharks but low adoption among salespeople still remains the biggest challenge for businesses, still making the field an opportunity for accountable and easy to use CRM solutions. Do you have experience in the field?
Daniel Secareanu replied
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  • Listen to My First Million Podcast - you'll hear the ways Shaan and Sam (the hosts) think of new ideas, see opportunities in big markets and look at things through the X for Y lens (e.g. Uber for X, Tinder for Y)
  • Look at Venture-Backed companies that failed and see if you could build with no-code, with a lot fewer people
  • Look at Venture-Backed acquisitions that got swallowed by their acquirers
  • Unbundle big companies (Craigslist, Reddit, Facebook groups etc) - Great read on this here
  • Look at other interested businesses through a framework you create for yourself (e.g. 2-person business, recurring payments, low price point)
  • Read Naval's Twitter thread here
  • Search First Round's database here
  • Acknowledge what you do weekly or daily that could perhaps be automated


  • The more you research without taking action, the more you're making excuses
  • Just build a lot of stuff. No-code helps you do that very quickly
One more excellent resource on ideas: