Hello everyone, I'm super excited to welcome you all to the new Makerpad community forum.

I'm Ben, I founded Makerpad in January 2019 and now we are a growing team 😍. There's over 1500 Pro Members and hundreds of tutorials.

Glad you could make it here, check out Community Guidelines for the best ways to use this space.Β 


Here's the best way to benefit from this awesome community:
  • Introduce yourself to the members here
  • How do I/Q&As here
  • Show off what you've built here
  • Makerpad announcements/events/etc are here
  • Share your work-in-progress here
  • Check out the Tools Group for questions/answers around specific tools e.g. Airtable
  • The Lounge is for users to create their own spaces based on their interests.

For Pro Members
  • Ask the community here
  • Ask about tutorials and post your own here
  • Looking to collab? Post about it here