I'm a freelance Product Designer and founder of Product Design Stack as well as Dawn + Dusk. I have some super basic coding experience and I learned about no-code this March when I was looking to refresh my portfolio. I have been hooked ever since. The community feels very welcoming, and I am excited to learn more with you all.Β 
HiΒ Emily Veras . Sharing a loom link . Did I do anything wrongΒ 
Hi Hari! I think the issue is that the content is still a bit lacking but I will look into it, thanks for sharing!
Product design stack is such aΒ  useful site, thanks for sharing it! As someone who's learning design + nocode from a technical background it's just the kind of resource I'm looking for.Β 
Emily Veras ...and as someone who's making a nocode platform for designers I'm especially happy to see people living in the nocode-design intersection πŸ˜‡
Thanks Amie, excited to be here and explore more!
HeyΒ Emily VerasΒ πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Always epic to see people with design skills here!
Thanks Tom, Glad to be here!

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