Hi all ! I am Fred and I am from Lyon (France).

I am a former developer πŸ’», then project leader, data engineer, scrum master, product owner, solution consultant and now just recently a solofunder of ICK Solutions

This mothership will help me build and promote my ideas. I just started with abaron.co (Substack Newsletters search engine) and metero.fr (based on LAG Stack : Landing Page, Airtable, Gumroad)

I am currently at the beginning of the promotion part of metero, just getting prospect profiles from Linkedin (thanks to Phantombuster), curating them manually with Excel before mass connection requests 🀝

I am happy to be part of this fantastic community and learn new stuff with you πŸ˜€

Hi Frederick,

Very interesting things you've been working on. Also nice to see projects fully localised. I'm also curious on how to use Code to supercharge No-Code as I'm getting confidence to take on these sort of projects for others.
Hi Wit,

I meanly use the code part for the backend (big data, python, java or others stuffs)
I use no code for the payment, front, cookies - more user-interface part

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