Hello everyone, I'm super excited to welcome you all to the new Makerpad community forum.

I'm Ben, I founded Makerpad in January 2019 and now we are a growing team 😍. There are over 2000 Pro Members and 250+ tutorials.

Glad you could make it here, check out Community Guidelines for the best ways to use this space. 

Get oriented on the forum. Here’s an overview of the channels and how to use them:
  • Introductions - Say hi and introduce yourself to our lovely members. Here's a quick guide on how to post an intro
  • Discuss & Get Help - Have a burning question or need support figuring something out? Help lives here.
  • Showcase - Show off what you’ve built.
  • Events & Announcements - Follow this channel for all things happening at Makerpad, including updates and events for you to get involved with.
For PRO Members
  • Member Discussions - Go deeper in your quest for no-code knowledge and skill-building.
  • Knowledge Base [NEW] - A growing hub of education from the Makerpad team.
  • Collab - Looking to collaborate with other no-code builders? Find them here.

Chat to you all soon!

Whoa I love this nocode idea. Here to learn and expand my awareness of what’s possible.
Hey Ben! Can I DM you on here? Just a heads-up: the links here in the community guidelines all go to Circle instead of the subdomain so I had to log in again to access.
Spiritual Activist & Community Cultivator
Having been harassing the Circle.so folks all week (Sid Yadav and Andy) I can chime in and say they are introducing DM very soon. I do believe!
Bonjour everyone!

Good to be a part of the inner-circle of Nocode. I tend to flirt with all the web/app builders, but I'm beginning to concentrate more on writing about it all rather than building it. I'll leave that to the experts out there. 

Recently I've been busy trying to build a NoCode community site with a forum using Bubble. I guess that one's dead in the water now ha ha ha!!!

You'll find me on Twitter shouting from the rooftops about #nocode if I'm not here in my new playground. 

Oh and I'm not French :)

I've been keeping a close eye on the no-code movement for several months, but didn't fully commit until recently.
If I was hesitant at first it was because I wanted to get an idea of just how much you could accomplish with the tools that currently exist (Airtable, Webflow, Glide...etc).
If anything, it's crazy to think how much things have evolved since I was
deliberating joining this community.
As Anthony mentioned above, it's good to be part of the inner-circle.
I look forward to building projects, and getting to know you all. 

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Hi Adam! I'm a workflow fanatic as well. What tools do you find most useful? I am always curious! For me, it includes Workflowy, Things 3, Evernote. I use GTD, Sprints, and Bullet Journal concepts, and usually fail at Kanban. Loving Carrd right now to build rough sketches of my ideas!
Hi Ki !

I try my best to keep my tools down to a minimum, which isn't easy considering how many good ones are out there. However, at the moment, it consists of Notion (which replaced Evernote for me amongst a slew of other apps), Biscuit (which allows me to organize my go-to sites and applications into customizable categories) and, as of joining Makerpad, Airtable.

Carrd is a great starting point, and I enjoy it as well. It's limitations keep things simple. However, I've started to utilize Webflow for my projects since it's capable of doing allot more. 
Not necessary for every project I have on the go, but a must for more intricate ideas and services. 
This forum software is great! Can't wait to try it out myself.

I'm Alex, I run an SEO & Marketing agency called ScaleMath that mainly works with software and digital product companies...
Hi everyone! Glad to be here. While I'm not running The Mac Support Store I'm continually diving into no-code development or playing guitar or reading news and non-fiction and also practicing Buddhism and Yoga.
Howdy Friends 👋

I'm Erin and I work at Elliot on Community and Product initiatives.  When I'm not there, I'm researching about how to make the internet a better place through equitable products at NYU! I dig the no-code movement and happy to be here. 
Hi all!
I'm Miguel, cofounder of Saturdays.ai . Nice to be here.

Hi everyone. I'm Paul, based near Oxford, UK. Freelance marketer, looking to learn new skills and launch startups. Really enjoying Makerpad.
Hi everyone, I am Brad from the Gold Coast, Australia. Exploring the possibilities of No-Code solutions for small business applications. I have started https://appmate.com.au/ whilst my "regular" consulting gig of 17 years has been pretty much closed down due to Covid hospitality shutdowns. I am glad to be here.
Hi everyone I am bunta3 from Japan.I Iike to make app with  gride 
What's up everyone - My name is T.D. I am building https://trybestow.app/. The prototype of Bestow is  being built with no-code tools. I joined Makerpad for the tutorials but its looks like i will stay for the community.
Hey everyone, I'm Austin. Working on Productively and also own and operate Green Spaces Coworking & The Perk Coffee Co. in Colorado. 

Excited to be here and work on the no-code challenge! 
Hola !!

Jose from Spain. Building a marketplace for designer home accessories and decor, fulfilled by the nearest maker able to produce the object.

After decades building a line of code at a time it is very interesting to share this trip with you guys.

Hi! Sharon from Toronto here. Excited to start my #nocode journey! :) 
Hi! Shota form Tokyo, Japan. Very Excited to join this community. ARIGATO!!!
Hi all! I am leading a few sessions but also building an MVP in no code, so exciting to jam with this group! I write about my community feelings here: http://daniellexo.substack.com

Hey guys, Stephen from Chicago. Looking forward to building :)
Hi yall! 
Im a Web developer and designer based in Israel. 
Hola, Salut, Hallo! I am a social butterfly 🦋 & location independent 🗺Currently hunkered down in Portland, Oregon due to COVID. I love my city but I love traveling the world more. My husband and I left corporate America in 2017 to become entrepreneurs who could work from anywhere!  And we did! As we lived/worked from 34 different countries over two years.
Due to my love for people and connection, I am a natural community manager aka community concierge. 
I am launching my own community for couples to connect and share their lives/experiences. In our travels, we really missed our friend groups in our hometown so we are creating a community of friends to have dinner with, play games, share ideas, and have happy hours with.  
Maybe some of you have experienced this need because of COVID/Quarantine. You love your partner but being around them for hours and days without end you run out of things to talk about. We have found that connecting with other couples benefits our relationship by learning from each other and sharing experiences.
What's up? I'm a life long B2C subscriptions marketer ready to dive in and finally build something myself. Indie music and basketball junkie from Seattle, WA. 
Hi to all!

I'm the Marketing & Business Head at Visual Stories (https://visualstories.com/). Would like to learn from you all and share my thoughts as well.
Hi all, I'm a Webflow designer in the UK. Loving the #nocode journey : )
Hello! I'm a digital marketer and UI/UX designer from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm currently working on a marketplace web app for fun activities using Bubble. It's been an exciting journey so far in the no-code space!

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