Incredibly thrilled and thankful to be here, thanks to Amie for the invitation! ❀

Have been building online & IRL communities for over a decade, and most recently Cofounded Commsor (think Salesforce for community teams). We also just launched a fund to invest in community driven companies!Β 

My latest project is Launch House where we're testing what it's like to live in a mansion with 20 entrepreneurs (think Tik Tok Hype House meets YCombinator).

When I'm not building communities, I'm writing about community + business strategy at Riveting Stuff 🀯 .

How to get in touch:
Twitter DM’s always open, HMU!:ΒΒ 
Jacob PetersΒ welcome to the community! I have friends that run these mansion-type houses for entrepreneurs -- was planning a Tulum trip around OCT/NOV, but surf is better in Puerto Vallarta.

Hey Jacob!Β 

Welcome! πŸ‘‹ The Launch House sounds really interesting! Are you recording vlogs & content during the month?Β 

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