Hey everyone,

My name is Gino and I'm very happy to join this community. Over the past couple of years I've mainly manifested myself in growth and turned to product about six months ago. Currently that is as a growth PO at a marketplace for mid- to longterm renting - HousingAnywhere in Rotterdam - where me and my team validate new business models, features and value propositions. All with code.

What no-code tools I've used πŸ› 
About three years ago I started freelancing in my off hours, using Carrd, Instapage, Zapier, MailChimp and a bit of knowledge on ad platforms to run hyperlocal ads that brought in job applicants. I'm still doing this and never really innovated my way of working to be honest, apart from becoming faster at it.

I'm also sending a weekly newsletter about growth+product (179 editions strong) using Revue.

What do I want to learn? πŸŽ“
At this stage I don't have one strong idea yet, so what I want to learn in the meantime is what's possible with no-code tools. As I assume that this will fuel my creative thinking. Eventually I will leverage no-code to validate my assumptions and reach a level of problem/solution fit.

How can I help the community 🀲🏽 and the community me? πŸ‘πŸ½
One of the reasons I felt it's the right time to start learning how to actually build products myself is because I'm a mentor on GrowthMentor. Here I help anyone free of charge with their growth and product challenges. Sometimes this led to me talking with makers (both code and no-code) with 10 to 100 users - asking me questions on how to improve their numbers and product. This really started to itch, deep down inside I felt I wanted to be building my own product(s) too. Enjoying the compounding effects of working on a solution to a problem. And now I'm here haha. 😁

What I can offer the Makerpad community is my 5 years of experience in growth and product, either through GrowthMentor or via this community here. In exchange I hope to find inspiration in your stories, ideas, critique and no-code examples.
So.. what topics make me tick? πŸ™ƒ
I want the best for other people, that's what fuels me. So if I can contribute to your ideas, I'm all ears. I hope to eventually leverage my knowledge on no-code into a product in one or more of these topics:
  • HR
  • MarTech
  • Gender equality (at the workplace)
  • Marketplaces

Happy creating,

Gino πŸ€™πŸ½
What. an. intro. πŸ‘
Thanks Ben, thanks for facilitating all this!
Hey Gino,

Love the intro! That's so great! πŸ™Œ Welcome!Β 

Has HousingAnywhere had to make some big changes this year with changing restrictions? I could see how merging your code & some no-code solutions could work really well in situations where you need temporary processes.Β 

Instapage! I totally forgot about that, I used to use that lots! Unbounce too! Now Carrd is taking over :)Β 

It's really awesome that you're helping & mentoring, it does bring so many ideas out that you'll no doubt want to build yourself. You've been bitten by the product bug! 😁

P.S Are you taking part in the t30 challenge? If not, there's still time to enter!Β Β 
Hi Helen Ryles ,

We’ve haven’t had to change anything actually, so far that is. Indeed I do believe that when I get better at no-code it could also help me there, but with very skilled full stack developers (sorry, didn’t meant to talk about code haha) in my team, currently we’re faster as a lot of our validations happen in the product - due to our current market being there.

I joined the T30 challenge 😁
Regarding your question to join, I thought about it for two days and actually came up with something - so I figured why not!

The idea is described here and I would love to get your feedback on it. Also if you have an idea of the tooling that I would need, don't hesitate to share it!

Thanks for encouraging, now I'm going to make it work haha!Β 

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