I’ve spent the last 10 years building hyper-growth startups and running growth strategy for enterprise brands and private equity groups. Then in March, I transitioned out of my company, moved from NYC to Boulder CO, got engaged, and here we are. 

I now serve as an interim head of growth for companies with aggressive growth targets and run a collective of senior technical marketers who exchange ideas and opportunities. 

Currently exploring fun ways to manage internal operations and my CRM using no-code platforms, and excited to connect with other tinkerers. 
Welcome Dean. I don't know about hyper growth but I am working on a startup Idea and may leverage your services. Do you have an online resource where I can go to get more details about your services?
Hey Dean, 

Welcome to the community! Great to have you join us. I'm sure there's been a big change in pace of life since March! 

Are there any books / resources you'd recommend for people getting started in hyper-growth startups? 
Hey Dean, 

Welcome to the community. You mentioned your exploring fun ways to manage internal operations and your CRM. Would love to show you around our product here at Internal and get your feedback. 

What's the best way for us to connect?

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