Hi everyone, I am Brad from the Gold Coast, Australia. Exploring the possibilities of No-Code solutions for small business applications. I have started https://appmate.com.au/ whilst my "regular" consulting gig of 17 years has been pretty much closed down due to Covid hospitality shutdowns. I am glad to be here.
Hi Brad, good to see you here. I'm on the Sunny Coast so not that far from you. Cheers, Christine
Hi Christine, thanks for the message. I am a relative newcomer to the scene. I am looking forward to learning & helping in the community where I can. Cheers BradΒ 
Hey Brad! Good to see you here!
Hi Tom, thanks for the message. Is there an orientation type module to give us an overview of the Makerpad site, or is the beginners bootcamp where we kick off? Cheers Brad

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