I found MakerPad through the T30-Challenge and I'm excited to be here!  

I've gone from nurse to no-code. I have a passion for design, product management and solving complex problems.  Looking forward to connecting with the community and watching the progress of those in the T-30 Challenge.
Hi SaraNoSocks, nice to meet you! 
Welcome Sara! 

Love your branding, fun and memorable for sure! That's quite a different path you've taken, no-code is great like that! 

Are you working on something for t30? Look forward to your updates! 
Hi Helen Ryles 👋. Yes, T30 is what brought me here!  I am working on a passion project, Helping Creatives, a new way to post and hire for creative roles removing traditional job descriptions and resumes/portfolios.  This is focused on specific job actions and understanding the human behind the piece of paper.  A large undertaking for such a short time, but my goal is to have an MVP and go from there!

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