I run a web app dev studio. I have been creating no code mvps for clients for a few years now to quickly validate their ideas before turning them into saas products.

Excited to explore this community before I take the dive into joining for real!
HeyΒ Edward Danilyuk and welcome.

Great to hear you're building MVPs for clients. What tools have you used so far?

Would love to learn more about how you work!
Hey Tom Osman - thanks for the welcome!

My go to tool is definitely Zapier. I usually mix that with Typeform, Airtable and use Zapier intergations with third party services to send email and sms messages.

Once a client sees that this small portion of the project saves them time and money and customers are happy using it - then I go into more in depth design and development and build a software platform.

One use case was with a client that I started with no code tools to quickly validate and ended up building a SaaS platform for.

The core service of Constance is that they offer human check in calls to your family - during the call they record how your parent / grandparent / whoever is doing, put that data into a report and send it out to needed parties.

Initially they were making calls by phone, writing responses by hand and eventually into an excel sheet. It was a mess.

For the no code mvp I hooked up a Google Form -> Google Sheets -> Email Send Automation which saved them over 10 hours a week during calls. The added benefit was it standardized the call questions, so each time they were asking the same questions in the same order - instead of missing any.

After a few months they got funding and I went on to build out a platform with code for them.

If I can see that a clients issue can be solved with no code - I always default to that first. Its so much quicker to setup, test and build from there as needed.

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