Hi Makerpad community! I'm a real estate wholesaler and flipper from Madison, Wi, and Iove to play with data. I found my way here because all my data wrangling skills are in excel/google sheets and not python. 

I'm trying to build a simple dashboard for displaying the latest market data and trends. I've got some interactive spreadsheets and would like to turn those into interactive web pages. 

Beyond that, I like to chase a lot of squirrels so I imagine I'll try my hand at other projects once I get more experience. Excited to be here and learn along with all you great people. 😃
Hey Jack! 

Welcome! The real estate market, especially the reno / flipping side of things is a great niche to build tools in. 

I'm sure some of the tools in the RehabValuator or Flipperforce software could be broken out into their own dashboards and interactive charts! 

I've used things like gekoboard, snapboard and octoboard for building no-code data dashboards! 
Thanks for the suggestions Helen. I've been looking to do exactly that - an interactive dashboard with charts and relevant data. I'll check out all of the resources you mentioned!

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