Hi, I'm Madhav ( Allan ) - currently a digital slo-mad - spend about 2 months in each location.Β  I'm planning to build some basic apps over the next 2- 4 months; using no code tools of course. I have a business background - mostly financial services, but decided to make a career change into the digital sphere.Β  I'm also slowly learning to codeΒ  - web developement, javascript and python.Β  Looking forward to connecting, discussing and learning about no code tools, with like-minded people in this community. Specifically interested to learn Adalo and Bubble in-depth.Β 
Hi Amie,Β  I have a few project ideas for various products or services for digital nomads.Β  But as most ideas end up pivoting anyway, I'm focusing on learning the tools initially.Β 
Hey Madhav,

Great to have you join the community! I love the term slo-mad, definitely will be using that :)Β 

Looking forward to see what you create!Β 

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