Hello guys and gals,

I'm Matt, a Welsh lad currently based in London, although soon moving to Dublin. Although I first got exposed to digital via media planning and buying for a number of big UK consumer brands, I have spent the past 8 years building products, either by myself or as part of early-stage startups.

I tend to specialise in products where there is both an online and offline experience (think Hello Fresh and not Twitter). Although my skillset is starting to develop into a no-code centric T-shape, it remains quite broad.Β 
  • Building commerce websites
  • Designing modern UX
  • Managing product teams

Always keen to provide rationalised thoughts, feedback, and ideas for any products you are designing, building, or even just thinking about.


Shall we start a Welsh group within MP? πŸ˜…
Where you can only talk about rugby and cawl and share recipes for Welsh cakes. Count me in!
Great experience Matt. Would love to take you up on your offer for feedback. Let's connect.
Awesome. I have almost come full circle after getting into product management via making (building an iOS app and launching a coffee subscription company). The PMing is great but I often got stumped by not being able to contribute to the build.Β 

Are you still a PM Romy?
Matt EvansΒ Same, there are parts of it that I don't like. I'm still a PM, though only contracting at the moment so it's slightly less intensive as being full time as a PM in a startup.Β 

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