Hey folks!

I've been building software for 22+ years, for large cos and my own venture-backed startups. You can read my cv here.

More recently I'm building a small community through a new email newsletter ( YEN. FM ) that is complimenting my work on YouTube, Twitter, and Indie Hackers.

I'm a dad (i have a teenager!!), husband for 15+ years, and long-time blogger. Really excited about the `community` building stuff here!

I can help with:
  1. building products
  2. talking about products
  3. team & community building
  4. amateur filmmakingΒ 

I discovered your YouTube channel last week and I absolutely loved the vlogs.

Simply because it is nice to have a nice casual conversation with you even if it's via a YouTube video.

Please keep them up.
ah, thanks man! i just shared one on `seth godin`!
Hey John,

πŸ‘‹ Glad to have you join the community! I'm sure the aspiring YouTubers in the community would love some tips on how you make your vlogs & on amateur film-making too!Β 
Interesting topics!
would love to share a few!
John is the real deal! Fun to see you here :)

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