Hi everyone,
Super excited to be here!!
I'm from Toronto, but also lived in San Francisco, Dubai and Belgrade (Serbia).

currently: building out a transcription service for all audio/video (podcasts, webinars, etc), mila beats (still in progress)
front-end: Landen + Typeform (onboarding)
back-end: Descript + Google Docs + Zapier

previously: agency built for AR presentations in real estate

my strengths: Ops, Bus Dev+Sales (particularly strategic partnerships), Org Dev (personality assessments, psychometrics, change mgt, leadership), running accelerators
so if anyone needs help in these areas - let me know, here to help however I can ❤️
Hey Mila, welcome. My grandma was called Mila, I like that name a lot.

What did you do in Serbia/Belgrade, for how long you lived?

I saw Descript before, it has one of the sickest explanier video out there. I like it. 

Btw, if you wanna connect, feel free to add me on Whatsapp: +38162 nine-seven-three-42-one-eight  ... did it like that for spam protection :D
Hi Stefan Smiljkovic 🤩, thank you :) I'll message you. 
Descript is great, except when it doesn't want to sync up with Zapier haha and I agree, it has the best explainer video!
Hi Mila, 

Good to have you here! Looking forward to seeing how Mila Beats progresses. The transcription space looks like a good space to be in these days. 
Hi Mila!! I'd love to meet you some time, I'm hoping to build a little team of women makers to collaborate on projects! (Send each other gigs, etc!) Will try to DM you now right here :D

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