Currently: A webapp to make 1:1 career advice accessible to more people ( + a podcast/newsletter (

Stack: Carrd, Stripe, Gumroad, Loom, Substack, Calendly

Previously: started a college to career program (

Looking forward to helping where I can. :)
Hi Spencer,

Welcome! I'm digging (great name for this too!). Curious -- do you have any automations on the backend that helps with this? 
Thanks Amie! 

Good question. Most of what I'm building is for the backend management for instructors. The user experience is largely all in email (no platform log-ins). 

Currently automations are mostly for emails:
  • one email before call with "how to prepare"
  • one email 7-days after call to check in on progress
  • and Gumroad provides great email workflows (that I'm not taking full advantage of yet)
  • will probably sort users into email sub-lists (currently one list)

There are 100+ permutations for the "next steps" guide. Currently composed by hand, but I'm playing with how to streamline this; select a few inputs and pop out a guide (maybe airtable + formstack?)
Wow 100+ permutations. How long did that take to sort out? 
Amie Pollack simpler than it sounds, I've been teaching for a long time, so it was mostly a matter of creating a 'building-block' template that serves as the directory to online content. Goal is to make it super simple for another coach to use. I previously trained university career offices on the content and learned the need for a simple assignment tool. 

lots still to work out and user test :)
I'll probably drop Pod Save Career and in favor of the Best Monday Ever name. So far, most people don't get the 'Pod Save' reference. So it's not all that clever. 
Concurrently exploring how this might provide a "career-office-as-a-service" to groups like alumni offices and professional orgs to provide support to their communities. Maybe white-label. Nothing proven here yet. 
Hey, welcome Spencer, nice to meet you 👋. 

Stack: Carrd, Stripe, Gumroad, Loom, Substack, Calendly
Interesting stack you are using there. Does the project have some revenue/users?
Thanks Stefan. 

~50 beta users (mostly paid) prior to site launch. These users informed what to build. Most desired features fell into two categories; 1:1s with no platform log-in, and people not ready for 1:1 but enjoyed self-directed lessons (now a newsletter). Originally ran all this through a slack community. 
Nice site Spencer . Just one suggestion. A link to the home page from the inside pages would be a "good to have feature".  Please check this one too: 

what sent you to site not found? I'm unable to replicate. 

Thanks for the "home" button suggestion. Leaving out this feature is something we are deliberately testing. Why did you want to return home? 

Hey, I honestly wanted to suggest as well there is no homepage button, and that is should have. It's a good example of a lack of accessibility. So for sure put a home link in the navigation, so visitors can easily go back and learn more about the website. 

Otherwise, you will need to hit the back button a few times, which is not good UX.
Hari strangely, I can't replicate this across different devices and browsers. But will continue looking into problem. The url forwards to -- Substack doesn't allow custom domains yet (other than a few power users). Also added home nav. :) 
Spencer The substack URL of course works. There could be some issue in your CNAME and A records of your DNS server.
Thanks Tom, I wish Makerpad was around when I was a student -- and all the no-code tools! I tried CS in engineering school and it was never about actually making. Thanks for all you are doing.
Spencer love the site and the domain for best monday ever. I get a security warning for podsavecareer - I would add an SSL to it :)
Romy, thank you! Great idea for the SSL. I didn't think of that when I did the redirect to (Substack doesnt offer custom URL).
Checked out your projects. Such cool work. Youtube videos are solid! I dig the idea behind Aspirible. I'll add that the challenge of connecting talent to small startup is amplified in rural communities (I live in western Colorado). We need what you do. :)
Spencer Thank you! I've a lot of interesting stories in that realm  - now Aspirible is a newsletter, I briefly did the matching to startups here and it's a very hard industry to deal with....
Nice meeting you Spencer! Love the UX and the problem you are solving. 

Curious which part of the product do you use Gumroad for?
Hi Austin, I use Gumroad to host downloadable lesson plans. Here is a publicly visible lesson:

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