My name is Nikolas and I’m based in Helsinki. I have about 15+ years of experience in coding websites and designing digital products and brands. You can check some of my projects at

I’ve burnt years and millions in multiple (heavily coded) startups and projects so I’m constantly looking for more efficient ways launch faster and automate better. Super glad about Makerpad community!

I’m currently focusing on building new marketplaces (for freelancer work and standardized services). Would be nice to connect with likeminded makers!

Hi Nikolas, interesting portfolio.
I would love to chat about a marketplace idea that I have been playing around with for a while. I'm looking for somebody to team up with to see if we can make it a reality. It is an online crowdsourcing service for short-term projects within the advertising and design industry. Let me know if you are interested in diving a bit deeper into it all. 
Hi Nikolas,

Glad you found us! Very nice portfolio too. Is there a specific process you are trying to automate these days? 
Hi Amie! I'm currently looking into remote team / community onboarding and automation. Slack bot heavy but others too. Might be interested looking into a new company or consultancy for remote HR at some point. If you have any tips lmk!

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