Hey Makerpad-ers!

As part of my No-code product, I'd like to provide marketing campaigns for my future clients. 
My idea is to subscribe a emailing provider plan, that allows me to create 1 contacts list per client, and using API I will let them manage their campaigns creation, sending and stats. 

But not sure it's the best way to do, and also not sure what's the best mailing provider for such a project. 

The subscription price is important for me, but also the ability to "resell" mailing at contacts list level (can I freely to that?). 

And if a provider offers unlimited emails per month, it's even better as if my business grows, the most emails my product and clients can send without any limitation or additional fees, the better it will be! 

Many thanks for your feedback on such use case! 

(note: my product will be based on Adalo) 

Christophe HK
I think Mailerlite may be your go-to here.

I know it integrates nicely with other platforms and let's you build emails programmatically!

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