Hi all, I'm Aodhan (Aiden) from New Zealand. Long story short, I'm a para athlete and my goal is to fund myself, my friends and encourage my community and country to better themselves with sport and no-code.
Hi Aodhan, nice to see you here and not just on Twitter! What are you working on in the no-code space?Β 
Thanks Amie, I'm all over nocode lol. I'm currently working on a Windows replica in Webflow to showcase my abilities and use it as another learning experience
Love the goals and mission. Is there a robust no-code community in New Zealand ?
No, not really. I only know of two other guys and they're both in different cities 2-7 hrs away
Wit SumathavanitΒ From what I gathered, he doesn't really know that many either who are too deep in the scene.Β 
Wit Sumathavanit There are definitely a few people and businesses adopting No Code tools, but not to the extent of this community.Β 

The Webflow community in NZ has grown here though, so it's just a matter of time until people latch on to the No Code thing.

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