🎨 I'm a former videogame designer, turned into an entrepreneur (achieved around $2k on average monthly revenue but eventually failed), turned into a product manager, turned into an intrapreneur (leading a team from prototype to several $ million acquisition). The product that was eventually acquired was validated with a Front + Twilio no-code integration combined with an initial version of a native mobile app (I can share some interesting stories about this experience). I'm now working as Chief Product Officer in a travel company (FCTG). 

πŸ“I've been using a few no-code tools in the last few years. "Beginner level" I would say. Now I'm looking to better understand tools capable of building end-to-end dynamic apps (i.e. Bubble.io). My main goal is to find out how much they could be leveraged both in the context of an innovation lab (inside a company) but also for personal initiatives.
🧱 I've worked on some side-projects in the last 10 years. The most money I've done with any of them has been around $500. Most of the projects have been related to e-commerce and physical products. I can share some lessons learned if useful!

🧰 The main no-code tools I've used, both in my work and on my personal side-projects, are Shopify, Typeform, Airtable, Webflow, Zapier and Notion.

πŸ€” I've recently re-started flying radio-controlled airplanes after a 20 year pause. Here's a quick showcase of my current (and rather limited) piloting skills. After 10 pm, you might also find me in the lobby of ElevenVR.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« I'm really passionate about finding effective ways to systematically assess and validate business opportunities. I'll try to help other makers in the community with what I'm learning about this topic in my current job and in my past experiences.

πŸ€— On one side, I think the community will help me understand much better which are the main problems that different no-code tools are especially suited for. On the other, I'd like to learn (and hopefully help) in the very first step of any creative initiative: deciding what to build and why. Finally, when I eventually launch experiments, I'll share them here to get feedback!

That's all, I'm really excited to be part of the Makerpad community!
Wow! Sounds you have a wealth of knowledge and experience from the different roles and industries you've worked in that I'm sure will lead to some amazing no code products! Love you got back in the RC planes! It's great to have a passion that just takes you away from everything!

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