I don't know what it's like in other markets (I'm in Australia) but there's definitely pitch + sales fatigue happening where I am.

Buyers are more cautious, more resistant to replying to emails, and a bit gun shy.

So I set up a form free of pitches / sells / data capture with Airtable. It's separate to my site and can be visited via bit.ly so they don't even need to go into my retargeting funnel.

✨ Magic Marketing Form ✨

I've been having a lot of fun spinning content on my YouTube channel and distributing it to my LinkedIn connections and FB group.

Video introducing the concept here.

I know helping my extended network helps everyone, and this seemed like a easy and frictionless way to distribute that help. Was easy to pop up a button in the menu on Webflow too (under video).

Hi @Luke - Sent you one.Β 
I just checked it out and sent a question :) Super quick and easy :)
You both should have an answer in your inbox :)
Just want to say here that the answer was so detailed and helpful.

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