Still getting the hang of all this but am getting better.

I was getting stuck on Webflow a bit but found Jan Losert's video course via one of the Makerpad showcase pages and am getting much better.

Have set up in Webflow, and have this as the current set up:
  • Home page
  • A Webinar page - it integrates with Demio. Then Zapier connects submissions into MailerLite for a subscription, Airtbale for my CRM, and Gmail for an email alert (love it when those come in)
  • Also set up a popup with a MailerLite embed, and think there's cleaner ways to do it but this will do for now
  • I've also set up a Calendly integration for booking strategy sessions, which I think I'll move to an integrated page rather than offsite in the future
  • Have set up Google Tag Manager with GA and FB Pixel for capturing audiences and have Events set up on everything

Am planning to add a blog, a website sales value calculator, a gated community for exclusive content + courses, and a feedback / questions box in the future.

It's definitely come a long way though :)

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