Hey thereΒ  πŸ‘‹

as promised in my last post. Here is the full, step-by-step tutorial πŸ‘‡

T30 Project: https://www.makerpad.co/p/hateunderflow
URL: https://hateunderflow.bubbleapps.io/

Let me know if you're interested in an invite to colabel's private beta :)

I'll publish the bubble template soon πŸš€

HiΒ  Thilo Huellmann Β 

I enjoyed the walkthrough thank you. I can see the power of colabel and it is impressive!

If I were to train a model with Spanish text I do not see how the model could not work. Would it?
Hi Carlos Marchan Β 

thank you! Yes, Spanish text is also possible. You can contact me via thilo@colabel.com to get access :)

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