For anyone who is planning to bring data into your projects then Ankit and the team at Intersect Labs have generously made the product available for use for you all πŸŽ‰

Intersect Labs makes Machine Learning and intelligent data processing available without needing to code.

To get access please sign up on the site and let us know you have done in this thread and the team will sort the rest!
Very cool, I have signed up, Thank you!
Tom Osman Β thats great. I fired some love forΒ Intersect Labs.

I also booked for a demo.
Thanks Tom. Seems like an easy way to integrated decision making without code quickly
Thanks, Tom! Just booked a call now.
As suggested by Tom on the showcase call this week, I have booked a call with Intersect Labs for book recos for my app. Excited to see what results I'll get out of it. Will keep posted here.

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