Hi all, I hope you all have built and submitted your projects.

Sharing my project here: https://www.makerpad.co/p/byob-book-club

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) is a book club that I'm a member of. Each month we gather and discuss the book(s) we have read during the whole month. My app will list down all the books which have been discussed during the meet and enable all members to engage with each other.

With the app,

- The data of books is now saved in organized manner rather than in physical registers of the admins.

- My app has enabled the members to search, favorite and engage with the community for each book separately.

- The app is now being managed by the whole community rather than only the admins, hence making the members feel more connected to the community.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, I've managed to create a no-code automation workflow (using UI Path) which pulls goodreads rating of the book.

Checkout my project here - byob-bangalore-2020.glideapp.io/

If you like what I built, do show your appreciation and like the project.

TIA! Cheers!

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