So, it's 10:37pm PST and I have this idea.

More than an idea, I have a domain (

The deeper I dive into building products and "indie hacker" culture, the clearer it becomes that the audience comes before the product.

Lately, I find myself reading many newsletters - everybody is starting one. Some use Ghost, many use Substack. I'd love to know more of the metrics behind each newsletter and figure out if there's an opportunity to solve a problem and build a profitable business. The problem is that these stats don't exist, yet.

What's the idea?
- Exploding Topics for Substack Newsletters.
- Trends for Substack Newsletters.

"Do you want insights into the biggest gaps in the market that entrepreneurs can exploit tomorrow? In 1994, while working at a hedge fund, Jeff Bezos came across a report with a shocking stat: in the previous year, the internet grew by 2,300%.

β€œThings just don’t grow that fast, with the exception of petri dishes,” he explained later. β€œA nontrivial baseline growing at 2,300 percent a year is clearly going to be everywhere tomorrow, and so the question was: What kind of business plan would make sense in the context of that growth?”

He chose books, and two years later Amazon was founded."

The Opportunity (riches in niches):
  • There's no way to search Substack by category or growth metrics.
  • There's no way to quickly preview a sample article from each writer.
  • In the past 5 years, Substack search volume has grown by 2700%

As a maker, I’m constantly researching new opportunities for products I can build. Before I build, I need to find an audience that has a problem. This means:
  • scouring the web for data.
  • using expensive subscription services to get industry growth and other hard to come by data.
  • and finding niche communities with a problem I can solve for them.

Introducing Substats:
You see, each year nearly 627,000 businesses start each year and 595,000 businesses close. In order to increase our odds, we must ensure we're building products for an audience that exists - forget the adage "build it and they will come". But hey, this is my $.02

The longer I spend in the No Code Community, I find two kinds of makers -- the ones that want to revolutionize their industry and the ones that want a lifestyle business. No matter what... each starts with choosing your audience.

That's what is -- stats for substacks.

The goal is to research Substack newsletters being created and analyze trends to find opportunity in existing communities.Β 

I plan to launch Substats and charge $299 per year as I expand the team and invest more into the product (and if you want more!).Β 

But for you, my early beta users, I'm charging a one time fee of $99 for lifetime access to reports which includes at least 4 new reports a month.

If you’re unhappy with the product, just tell me and I'll refund you your questions asked.

Talk soon and good luck,Β 

- Chris Viglietta, Founder of Substats

OK, I just started a trial with Pory and need to setup my domain:

and setup my Airtable base:

then repurpose the Pory template:

OK, messed with my data a bit and added 100 records (free) that include:

- substack name
- substack URL
- monthly search volume (it's a start)

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