So I've just spent a good hour or so looking through the other submissions and I'm astounded at the quality.
Great job everyone!!!

Please, whether you submitted or not, head over to the #t30 challenge site and take a look at ALL of the entries.
Read through the descriptions, watch the YouTube/Loom videos and try the tools out. Its amazing what people have built and I'm so proud to be one of the entrants.

I don't think my submission, Genie, is going to make the cut because I've only built the basic functionality I had hoped to build, but I really wanted to do my part and vote for the tools I personally saw myself using or simply just smiled at for their inventiveness.

This challenge kicked me into gear and I finally brought one of my ideas to life and now I have momentum. I may not make the cut for this comp, but I am certainly going to ride this wave of momentum and launch Genie in 2020, hopefully in the next month to be useful for Christmas shoppers.

So do your part, take a look at everyone's submissions and leave a vote on the ones you thought were inventive, different, fun or impressive.

Good luck everyone!
Niven Ranchhod Β I'm excited for you to finish building Genie even after the challenge. It seems like a cool idea!

I'm glad this challenge pushed me to ship Jar of AwesomeΒ and BucketlistGame.App because I tend to procrastinate. Would love to hear your feedback if you have it.

Everybody go vote!
I completely agreeΒ  Niven Ranchhod ! There are some amazing projects.

Looking forward to being able to build my Genie user account because I need it. I have 1000 notes with gift lists!
Ha! Well keep an eye out and shortly you'll have an easier way to manage your lists :)

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