Made it just before midnight in Hawaii...!

Or rather, I didn't make it as the RemotoHub is still not finished and in its current form I believe it not worthy of submission to showcase alongside the AWESOME projects posted here.

A bit of background:

I set out to make RemotoHub the ultimate freelance and remote workforce management solution - primarily to scratch my own itch and thinking that if I currently have a custom-hacked inefficient solution in place which requires a lot of upkeep hassle and switching between apps then at least one other person must too.

For the tech stack I am using Bubble - a very powerful tool! The more I use it the more I am made aware of its endless possibilities; the future for creators truly is #nocode and once app speed becomes an issue due to usage then I suppose you can build out a dedicated app - a good problem to have :)Β 

On where I am at today:

2 days ago I realised there's not a chance in hell to have the app layouts and underlying logic completed in their entirety before the looming deadline and I was left with 2 choices:

1. Don't submit anything and hide in shame.

2. Create the landing page ASAP and submit the app to the competition hoping for a couple user signups and feedback from the community.

As I type this up now I am thankful I chose the latter (though I gave serious consideration to the former) and am hoping to not get flamed excessively. Landing page was done using Landen - another amazing tool!

And on what's next:

I am starting a sabbatical from my corporate job next week (which kept me more busy over the last few weeks more than I would've liked) - I'm effectively "furloughing" myself for 3 months to fully focus on building and growing microSaaS apps.

First step is of course completion of the RemotoHub app and it would be awesome if you could check out the Landing Page ( and leave your email - I will be in touch!


- Jakub


My day job leaves me with very little time as well... but at least there IS a little. My prior job (before June of this year) left me with zero discretionary time.Β In other words, I can relate! The struggle is indeed, real.

I managed to turn something in, and it still does dovetail to the broader project I'm working on, but it is not at all what I envisioned turning in. The good news is the Community challenge fits me and my trajectory even better than T30.Β 

Wishing you well on your sabbatical. May the force be with you. ;-)Β 
Thanks Jim! Yep the struggle is real - my day job has ramped up over the last few weeks mostly to tie things up before the sabbatical starts, and between that and running my daily newsletter at I've been keeping busy :)Β 

I also was a tad optimistic with estimating the hours it would take to complete such a complex app - lesson learned!

Checked out your project - the domain name is class with potential and I haven't heard of Caspio prior to reading your project description - looks like an interesting proposition, will have to dive in deeper to see its merits over Airtable

Will be posting further updates on the RemotoHub project over the next couple weeks!

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