This channel is for Pro members to review new tools that want to be listed on the Makerpad platform.Β 

  1. A tool goes through our application process here
  2. It gets posted in this channel
  3. Pro members test the tool and post a review in the comments (based on the guidelines below) within 3 days
  4. Approved or Denied

We are the #1 trusted no-code community, we need to make sure all the tools we vouch for are good and no shady practices are happening behind the scenes.

Reviewing Guidelines:

What tools should be on Makerpad?
Any tool that allows non-technical people to build. All-in-one tools like Bubble, single focus tools like Carrd or even tools that are complementary to non-technical people like Gumroad, or Airtable. The line can be blurry!

  • Put a πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž for your vote to approve or deny their application
  • Features: do they have good features?
  • Usability: is it easy to use? intuitive? short or long learning curve?
  • Bad Actors: highlight any shady practices/bad comments/negative feedback you've heard about this tool
  • Reviews can be as short or long as you'd like
  • Reviewers will be mentioned by Makerpad on social/newsletter however we will not reveal the review content.Β 
  • All reviews in this channel should be kept between the members.