Hey team, am going to build out the blog section of my website over the weekend.

Found this tutorial and am finally getting more comfortable with responsive grids and also toggling visibility for elements if they get wonky on smaller viewports.

Just wanted to sense-check the process in case there is a better way to do it.

  1. Set up a Collection for Blog content
  2. Add fields for Headline, Tags, Rich Text, Featured Image, and Video Link
  3. Create a page, add some intro headlines and copy, and add a responsive grid
  4. Link the grid to the Blog Collection

The bit I'm wondering is whether I need to create two Collections (one for video, one for written) to enable things like toggling?

Or if there's a way to lift video updates from my YouTube automagically even better!

I spotted this site -Β https://www.nocode.video/Β - and it looks gnarly!

Thanks in advance.

So it's almost the end of the weekend here, and it turned out pretty well.

I got more familiar with Grids and also the Editor which I hadn't spent much time in (it looks very different to Designer mode).

It took longer than I would have liked but that's always the way when you're learning. I added a toggle for in the future when I start publishing articles (have been pure video for now).

Final result:

link to live version here

I'm a bit annoyed by Link Blocks - they eat up the image and look a bit crapper than when they're not there, but it's less clickable.

Ran out of time to figure that out and will do for now!

Fun fact:
- going and manually adding YT thumbnails to 11-12 videos was a fun job.

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