# What is the Lounge?

The lounge is an area for community members (you!) to create spaces/channels that you want to see. It could be a location-based space, or an interest that we don't currently cover. 

Inactive groups with little to no posts and members will be archived after 30 days. 
Legal! I'd love to know more about what are some best practices for setting up your No-Code company on the legal side(how you claim it on for tax purposes to save money, sole-proprietor vs. LLC, what are you required to provide during tax season, "Are taxes based on where your online company is based out of?", "Is it required to have a physical address? If so, are there pros/cons?")
Disclaimer: I'm saving up to be able to pay for my Makerpad membership, so ignore this if it's already covered on a private channel/member-only tutorial.
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