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Hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Just completed a Bubble prototype of a new product idea - an easy way to showcase and validate ideas you haven't built yet, in public.Β 

Would love a few people to give it a spin and give some feedback. If you’re up for it please DM me and I’ll send you some instructions and links and stuff. πŸ™πŸ»
Welcome to Cohort 1! What are you hoping to build in the next two weeks?
A simple workflow to help me and my family eat better and exercise more.

This is the initial approach I was thinking about:
- At the end of each day (i.e. 10 pm) each of us receives an SMS/Whatsapp with a link to a Typeform.
- The Typeform contains the following questions: 1) Name (pick from dropdwon, bonus points if automated per user) | 2) Date (bonus points if this is automated of course) | 3) Did you eat less than 1500 kcal today? (yes/no) | 4) Did you burn more than 500 kcal via any physical exercise today? (yes/no) | 5) What's your weight today? (this needs to be filled only on Mondays)
- A "Yes" to question 3 or 4 gives you 1 point (1 point per question)
- Losing weight in the weekly control gives you 1 point.
- Answers are sent from Typeform to Airtable via a Zap.
- Score + weight loss (vs previous week) calculations are done in Airtable.
- A simple ranking view is available for the users at any moment (no need to log in, will be a public page).Β 
- I was thinking to use a dedicated Airtable tab for this but wondering if there's something quick to put in place with more appealing visuals - Carrd??).

What do you guys think about the approach?


HΓ©ctor Reyes replied
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I'll go first...

  • sort out the makerpad job board (likely going to use job board fire and put on a subdomain)
  • expert marketplace for vetted creators we work with
I want to finalize the basic config for my new, local entrepreneurship community: Need to create the Stripe plans, integrate them with the Ghost CMS, configure the emailing and other site information parts, add about page, add resources page, remove demo content, add some starting articles, etc.
here's the beginning tweetstorm and associated content...

... but, effectively my strategy is what most folks already know:

1. start with why
2. landing page with email capture
3. interview customers
4. build products (multiple!)
5. comm channels, all the things.