Hi, if I wanted to have different "templates" for the public page in this tutorial - would I have to create a number of pages and make the user choose which one he's using as a template?
Hi isaaacme

This is how I would do it:
1. I would create each template page 
2. Take a screenshot of the template
3. The first page after signup, have a list component with pictures of the templates, have a "use this one" type of button that updates the user record with the template name when clicked. 
4. On the user's profile/dashboard, have a list component that lists that user's templates but have the Title be something like "First Name's profile page" then when they click through to that it will be a detail screen.

Let me know if that makes sense -- I can make a loom if that's confusing.
Tom Osman replied
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l'm Isaac, a maker based in Israel and founder of
really excited to finally get in and do some deep learning into the tools, especially adalo. just wanted to say hello and if it seems I can be of help don't hesitate to hit me up :)
Hey hey isaaacme! Good to see you here. Let's chat on Adalo some time!
for sure! also, how's the carnivore thing going?