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A free Gym Membership for MakerPad

πŸ‘‹Β  I made WorkoutLater.com to keep myself accountable to actually workout later. Turns out in addition to picking up maker skills, I've gotten quite good at making excuses to not workout.

So I made an "I owe you" for the fitness community. Just by tweeting out (to my zero followers) what time I plan to workout later, I've successfully exercised every day this week.

If you're interested in joining, just tag @workoutlater (or comment to not broadcast to your followers here: twitter.com/workoutlaterΒ )

If you add πŸ˜… , we'll email you your time so you can easily add it to your calendar.

Or if you just want to follow along, I could use the accountability πŸ˜…


P.S. Yes, I'm talking to myself in the videos and yes that's kinda weird. So if you want to be the motivator, would love it if someone created a video here:Β  workoutlater.com/joinΒ 
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Something to motivate me to workout

Not sure on a solution yet, but the problem is real... #t30
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LinkedIn for Housekeepers (Hospitality/Travel focus) #t30

Any housekeeper would be able to use this product, but I'm focused on housekeepers of Airbnb/Vrbo's. Housekeepers are the MVP's of the vacation rental industry and get the smallest slice of the pie. If there's ever an opportunity to make the travel industry more equitable for housekeepers, it's now.Β 

If have ideas, please reach out!Β 

Here are some features that I'm thinking:
1. A profile for housekeepers (like a resume)
2. A job board
3. Ability for housekeepers to sell directly to guests
4. Show homes cleaned?Β 
5. ???
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Free birthday eCards from original artwork #t30

My dad's been drawing the sky every day for 47 years (started Sep 1 so happy bday to The Sky Diary!).

Friends will ask me to see the sky on their bday so I thought it'd be a cool to send it to them on their bday. And now that shopping for cards and bday gifts is tougher, I thought it'd be a cool, free gift.Β 

For a paid version, I plan to make a bday reminder that will let you know when it's your friend's bday and send you the card on that day.

Jackson Reed
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