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Internal Tech Stacks - What’s Yours?

What does your team and/or company use for internal use? Communication, files, collaboration tools, project management, client projects, reporting, etc?

I’m super curious if anyone has an “all-in-one” solution like ClickUp is close to doing or if most people use a stack like this: Slack, G Suite, Notion, Google Drive, CRM, QuickBooks, Airtable, etc.

How clunky is your stack? 🤔

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Alternative to Airtable?

Does anyone have experience in Tadabase?

I think it has the potential to be a really powerful tool for many reasons. The ability to have unlimited users, custom permissions, connected tables, integrations that can be used "within" the app as "Pipes" is also very interesting.

I never thought of Airtable as an "alternative", but I came across a forum of someone who has used Airtable since the beginning and he said he is switching everything over to Tadabase because it is better in everyway.

One of the forum comments:

"The Airtable modules in Integromat are really robust, which is great, but in the end I ended up migrating everything over to Tadabase and will be removing Airtable from my app stack in 2021."

Looking for Operations help? New tool in the US...

Check out this "new" tool (for the US) if you are looking for an automated internal operations solution that can scale and is no-code. Next Matter.

CC:  Luke Walker 

You can also watch their intro video here:  
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Can you make any product into a “SaaS” tool?

What I mean is that there are a lot of great tools out there where you can build incredible stuff, but if they don’t have permission levels, workspaces, etc then it’s usually not possible to have two different customers (only seeing the data in their workspace, some members may be in more than one team, etc).

This might be dumb, but is it possible to turn any tool — with the help of Outseta or other similar tools — to turn non-traditional tech stacks into a product you can monetize?

For example, is a super underrated product (in my opinion), but they don’t have the user permissions to sell something to more than one user.

Is it possible to simply “restrict” certain URLs by Workspace, setup relations of Users > Workspaces, and the only way you can access your “workspace” is by signing up through an Outseta form, which creates a specific segment, and wallah, you turned a one-team tool into a multi-team tool. Other examples, Coda, Notion (not really because you can create a membership now), and to name a few!

CC: Geoff Roberts

(Here’s the structure (roughly) Customer Feedback Iteration App I’m building...but need multiple workspaces, hence, Tadabase, Webflow/Outseta, etc)
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